The Works of Saint Augustine:
A Translation for the 21st Century


How long are the discounts being offered?

Both offers currently promoted - the hardcover for 40% off and the paperback for 35% off - are good through May 1, 2020.

When will the rest of the 49 volumes be published?

The 44th volume, Homilies on the Gospel of John (41-124) in hardcover, will be published in November, 2020. The remaining five volumes after that will be published on a yearly basis from 2021-2025.
Here you can see the list of the future publications.

Do you have a complete list of the volumes?

Yes, for the complete hardcover and paperback lists click here.
You can also browse our interactive catalog of The Works of Saint Augustine.

Can I order individual volumes at a discount?

New City Press website offers a 20% discount coupon if you sign up to subscribe to our email list. The coupon does not apply to products that are already discounted. All web orders of $45 or more receive free shipping within continental US. Get your 20% discount coupon: subscribe here.

If I have a coupon code, where do I enter it?
You will be prompted to enter the code during the order process. Click here for instructions on how to use coupon codes on our website.


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